Wednesday, January 23, 2013

56. * You've got it all ! *


Aline & Robert Crumb

That's it!
You've got it all! 
You're done! 
No more R. Crumb to collect!

Yeah, right. You wish!

First of all, although his output has slowed in recent years, ol' R. is still producing artwork. So you can't possibly have it all, can you?

Plus there's a lot of stuff floating around out there still. Maybe the Crumb Compendium (Carl Richter) can nail it all down for us, we'll have to wait and see.

found on the Internet

What about this "unknown" sketchbook, auctioned off at an art gallery a few years ago?

Plus there's all those ultra-expensive Sketchbooks (Taschen). What's in those, we wonder?

But let's put it this way: 
The Crumb Compendium list of the available works of the great Robert Crumb is now complete. 
We will continue to update as needed.

Here's the short list:

1. The Complete Crumb Comics vols. 1-17
2. The R. Crumb Sketchbooks vols. 1-10 (Fantagraphics)
3. Waiting For Food 1-4
4. The Book of Genesis
5. Kafka
6. The Yum Yum Book
7. Odds & Ends
8. The Complete Record Cover Collection
9. The Sweeter Side of R. Crumb
10. Gotta Have 'Em
11. Drawn Together (w/ Aline Crumb and others)
12. Art & Beauty magazine 1-2
13. HUP 1-4
14. Mystic Funnies 1-3
15. ID 1-3

16. Mineshaft magazine
17. The R. Crumb Handbook (w/ Peter Poplaski)
18. The Crumb Compendium (Carl Richter)
The R. Crumb Sketchbooks vols. 1-7 (Zweitausendeins)
20. Your Vigor For Life Appalls Me

21. R. Crumb de la underground à la Genèse
22. Crumb - the movie (DVD)
23. R. Crumb Sketchbooks vols. 7-12 (Taschen)



  1. I've relied on your superb blog time and again. I thank you for all the time and effort you put into it.

  2. So does this mean that there is indeed material that does not appear in any of the German sketchbooks in all ten Fantagraphics volumes?

  3. YES. Most of what's in Items 3 -16 is NOT in the publications you mentioned, J. Nelson.

  4. i think im trying to find where the download link is?

  5. Does anybody have information regarding an R. Crumb T-shirt with various Fuck this and fuck that's? Example: Fuck you, fuck this shirt, fuck taxes, fuck homework, Etc.. Any information regarding/about this T-shirt would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Sherri