Sunday, January 20, 2013

39. {Crumb - The Movie}

Directed by Terry Zwigoff

When the Whiteman Meets Bigfoot movie project fell through, Zwigoff and Crumb made this film instead. It's pretty good. Crumb comes off a lot happier, friendlier, and downright gigglier than we ever expected from all the angry rants he gives in his strips.

You get to see interviews (however short) with wife Aline, brother Maxon, Crumb's mother, first wife Dana, and even the late Charles Crumb (his brother), Spain Rodriguez, Dian Hanson, and many others. You get to hear Trina Robbins tell us what she doesn't like about Crumb's art. You get to hear a lot of good music. You get to see some of those old girlfriends that you know from R's pictures. And lots more.

And you will see artwork go by that is not available to the collector. In other words, stuff that is not in any of those books we told you to obtain to collect the "complete" Robert Crumb.

Do you need this movie for the complete collection? We suppose not... unless you want to press pause on your DVD player and stare at the rare artwork!

But we would still have to call it a must-see for every true Crumb fan. An excellent movie.

And by the way, if you are wondering what that awesome song R. listens to is called: it's Last Kind Word Blues, sung by Geeshie Wiley.

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