Tuesday, January 15, 2013

33. The Complete Crumb Comics Volume 16

The Mid-1980's & More Years of Valiant Struggle
1985-1987 - Intro. by R. Crumb
Crumb´s On The Road   
Jelly Roll Morton's Voodoo Curse (Raw 1:7)
* The Crumb Family [w/ Aline]
(Raw 1:7)
* More Good Clean Fun With The Crumb Family [w/ Aline]  (Weirdo # 16) 
The Religious Experience of Philip K. Dick (Weirdo # 17)
rejected cover for Weirdo # 18   
Mode O'Day (Weirdo # 18)
Mother Hulda (Weirdo # 19)
illustrations for The Tunnel Of Love
(Weirdo # 19)
Footsy (Weirdo # 20)
* Troubles With Cute Ol´ Refrigerators [w/ Aline] (Prime Cuts # 1)
Pa-ayper Reggs (American Splendor # 12)
in color:
Pioneers of Country Music (Trading Cards)

Weirdo front covers: Weirdo # 16 - # 21
rejected Weirdo piece

Comics Journal (front covers)
Wild Dogs 1:1 (front cover)
herbicide ballot
American Splendor anthologies (front covers)
misc. illustrations
misc. illustrations 
* also in Drawn Together

This volume is a mixed bag. Several pages are reproduced elsewhere, for example in Gotta Have 'Em and Drawn Together. Without a doubt, the highlight here is Footsy. Mother Hulda gives us a look at the new-school Crumb girl, i.e. rather unattractive. Not the finest volume in the series, but still pretty good. Did we mention Footsy?

At the moment of this writing, the Fantagraphics website says this volume is SOLD OUT.

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