Monday, January 14, 2013

26. The Complete Crumb Comics Volume 9

R. Crumb Vs. the Sisterhood    
1972-1973 - Intro. by R. Crumb
On The Street with Shuman the Human (People's Comics)  
Patricia Pig in Patricia Stays at Home
(People's Comics)
Recycled Records (flyer)   
Cubist Be Bop Comics (XYZ Comics)
Girls Girls Girls
(XYZ Comics)
Bo Bo Bolinski in Down at the Neighborhood Bar 
(XYZ Comics)
Comical Comics
(XYZ Comics)
Remember Keep On Truckin'
(XYZ Comics)
The Many Faces of R. Crumb
(XYZ Comics)
Boingy Baxter in Women Troubles
(XYZ Comics)
Forky O'Donnell
(XYZ Comics)
John Q. Public
(XYZ Comics)
Havard "Schpitzel" Yale
(XYZ Comics)
John Q. Public in Sunday Afternoon
(XYZ Comics)
Ed Everyman
(XYZ Comics)
Fuzzy the Bunny in Nut Factory Blues
(With Charles Crumb) (XYZ Comics) 
(last page in color)
in color:

Brilliant American Maniac Series (People's Comics)
XYZ Comics (front cover)
Funny Aminals (front cover)
Young Lust # 3 (back cover jam)
untitled (Young Lust # 3)
Eat It (front & back covers)
Artistic Comics (front & back covers)
El Perfecto Comics (front cover)
Pard 'n' Nat (Bijou #8)
Black and White Comics (front cover)
pins / records
What a World! Part One (Funny Aminals)
What a World! Part Two
(Funny Aminals)
Pat the Cat and Fuzzy the Bunny in Double Trouble jam (Funny Aminals)
"Strawberry" Fields   
Willie Mae Jackson / Nancy Jane / Fanny Frightenedfaun  (Turned On Cuties)
Catholic Schoolgirls
(Turned On Cuties)
My First LSD Trip (El Perfecto Comics)
The Adventures of R. Crumb Himself (Tales From the Leather Nun)
Mammy jam   
The Desperate Character (Zap # 6)
Mr. Natural in What This Country Needs
(Zap # 6)
Salty Dog Sam
(Zap # 6)
Mr. Natural
(Zap # 6)
Mr. Natural Gets on His High Horse
(Zap # 6)
No Way Out
(Zap # 6)
Commit Suicide
(Zap # 6)
Mr. Know-It-All in Four More Years
(Zap # 6)
Squirrely the Squirrel (Black and White Comics)
Namby Pamby and Her Friends
(Black and White Comics)
Patricia Pig in Patricia Goes Shopping
(Black and White Comics)
Bill the Pill
(Black and White Comics)
Big Fine Legs
(Black and White Comics)
R. Crumb vs. The Sisterhood
(Black and White Comics)
Will Shade & Ishman Bracey in Those Goddamn Blues 

 (Black and White Comics)

Crumb does it again! Another must-have volume filled with thick-line style, old-school Crumb girls, and great art & strips. Yay! 

Once again the Table of Contents has gone wrong, and the Artistic Comics and El Perfecto color covers are not listed.
At the moment of this writing, the Fantagraphics website says a reprint of this volume is available to order, and for an extra $ 30 US "with Signed Bookplate Option".

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