Monday, January 14, 2013

25. The Complete Crumb Comics Volume 8

Featuring The Death of Fritz the Cat   
Intro. by Aline Kominsky-Crumb

Stinko the Clown (Your Hytone Funnies)
Maryjane (Home Grown Funnies)
Angelfood McDevilsfood in Backwater Blues
(Home Grown Funnies)
Whiteman Meets Big Foot
(Home Grown Funnies)
Let's Be Realistic jam   
Kumquat jam   
Pardido 1 & 2 (ProJunior) ( w/Spain R.)   
Jumpin' Jack Flash (Thrilling Murder)
Nostalgia Press catalog cover   
Underground Cartoonist and Folk Hero R. Crumb (Big Ass # 2)
Eggs Ackley in Eggs Escapes
(Big Ass # 2)
A Gurl
(Big Ass # 2)
Anal Antics
(Big Ass # 2)
in color:
The Last Supplement to the Whole Earth Catalog (cover)
Home Grown Funnies (front cover)
The Desperate Character Writhes Again (Home Grown Funnies front cover)
Big Ass # 2 (front cover)
Mr. Natural # 2 (front & back covers)
Bijou Funnies # 6 (front cover)
The People's Comics (front cover)
And Now, a Word to You Feminist Women (Big Ass # 2)
Sally Blubberbutt
(Big Ass # 2)
Mr. Natural Does The Dishes (Mr. Natural # 2)
Mr. Natural & Flakey Foont in A Gurl in Hotpants
(Mr. Natural # 2)
Mr. Natural & Flakey Foont in Sittin' Around the Kitchen Table

  (Mr. Natural # 2)
Mr. Natural in The Girlfriend
(Mr. Natural # 2)
Mr. Natural
(Mr. Natural # 2)
Mr. Natural
(Mr. Natural # 2)
Mr. Natural On The Bum Again pt. 2
(Mr. Natural # 2)
ProJunior (Bijou # 6)
Bijou Funnies Crowd... jam (Bijou # 6)
Salty Dog Sam Goes Surfin' (Surfer v. 12 # 6)
The Confessions of R. Crumb (The People's Comics)
The R. Crumb $uck$e$$ Story
(The People's Comics)
Fritz the Cat, "Superstar"
(The People's Comics)

Another great volume in the series. You need it. ´nuff said.

The original appearance of Jumpin Jack Flash in Thrilling Murder featured blood in red ink, which you don't get here.

At the moment of this writing, the Fantagraphics website says: [Softcover Ed. - New Printing Summer 2013]

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