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24. The Complete Crumb Comics Volume 7

Hot 'n' Heavy 
(Featuring Mr. Natural and the Big Baby)  
1970-1971 - Intro. by R. Crumb


Pud (East Village Other)
Barrelhouse album covers (record cover)
Fucked Up jam (SF Comic Book # 3)
Underground Hotline
(SF Comic Book # 3)
Zap #5 alternate, unused cover - unpublished
Bob Sidebottom (Zap # 5)
Great Speckled Post
(Zap # 5)
Micro-Minnie jam
(Zap # 5)
Mr. Natural
(Zap # 5)
Mr. Natural Quiz Page
(Zap # 5)
The Adventures of Fuzzy the Bunny (with Charles Crumb)
(Zap # 5)
ProJunior (Bijou # 4)
Joey Tissue and the Dummies
(Bijou # 4)
Mr. Sketchum (Hydrogen Bomb)
Science Fiction jam (East Village Other)
Flakey Foont in Smogville Blues (Uneeda)
Fritz the Cat (unpublished)
It's a Workaday World
Honeybunch Kaminski in She's Leaving Home
(last page in color) (Uneeda)
in color:
San Francisco Comic Book # 3 (front & back covers)
Bijou # 4
(front & back covers)
Insect Fear (back cover)
Angelfood McSpade (Little Annie Fanny, Playboy July 1970)

Uneeda (front cover) 
Mr. Natural # 1 (front & back covers) 
Earth Island # 1 (front cover)
The Great Speckled Post cover (Esquire, Dec. 1970)
Promethean Enterprises # 3 ( front cover)
Hytone Comix (front & back covers)
Zonk cards (American Greetings)
The Simp and the Gimp / Dora Zockman (Uneeda)
Bo Bo the Burheaded Barfly
Bo Bo Drunk as a Skunk
Bo Bo The Great Lover
Bo Bo Bolinski
Mr. Natural Goes to a Meeting of the Minds
Sunny Side Up With Mr. Natural (Mr. Natural # 1)
Mr. Natural's 719th Meditation
(Mr. Natural # 1)
Om Sweet om
(Mr. Natural # 1)
The Origins of Mr. Natural
(Mr. Natural # 1)
Mr. Natural Drawing Contest
(Mr. Natural # 1)
Shuman the Human
(Mr. Natural # 1)
Mr. Natural On The Bum Again
(Mr. Natural # 1)
Mr. Natural's Old Man featuring L'il Cute
(Mr. Natural # 1)
Little Johnny Fuckfaster (Organ)
Groovy Prizes (Esquire)
Pete the Plumber (Your Hytone Funnies)
Puzzle Page (Your Hytone Funnies)
Mr. Natural Stops Talking
(Your Hytone Funnies)
Horny Harriet Hotpants
(Your Hytone Funnies)
Stoned Again!
(Your Hytone Funnies)
The Nightmare (Promethean Ent.)

Ah yes, more great stuff. Still rolling along in the thick-line style (for the most part) and featuring old-school Crumb girls in classic strips. In the intro, Crumb himself says he thinks the quality is going down here, but we don't necessarily agree. The only slightly weak strip is Fuzzy the Bunny.

At the moment of this writing, the Fantagraphics website says that a reprint of this volume is AVAILABLE TO ORDER.

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