Wednesday, January 23, 2013

57. {R. Crumb de l'underground à la Genèse}

You don't need the book R. Crumb de l'underground à la Genèse, per se. But you do want it. Having said that, on p. 53 is a color reproduction of a fat-faced redhead girl, the cover of Arcade # 13, July 1961 "Another hot summer edition". This picture does not seem to appear anywhere else that we know of. (See bottom of this page.)
So if you are a 100% completist fiend, you do need this book.)

This book is the catalog from an exhibit of Crumb's work at the Musée d'Art moderne de la Ville de Paris in France, April 13 - August 19, 2012. The cover is a fold-out poster of a drawing from Sketchbook Vol. 4 (Fantagraphics).

It is an extremely nice book and well worth having, although most of the images you will have seen before. It reproduces several sketchbook pages that you will already have, but there are a great many examples of the original artwork for many drawings and strips. For example, you get many Weirdo covers in their original black-and-white- states. The same for Head Comix, Hup #1 several of the Complete Comics and many more. All of it is quite interesting, actually.

You also get the original art for one of our personal favorites, "Hippy Hexing Teenage Girl to the Horror of Her Parents", used for the cover of San Francisco Comic Book # 3:

p. 103

(The parents are on p. 102.)

There are also several photos of Crumb and the family in the book. Lots of cool stuff here, so get this book now, before it's too late. The price has already tripled!

Arcade # 13
(from the James Halperin Collection)

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