Tuesday, January 15, 2013

34. The Complete Crumb Comics Volume 17

Cave Wimp & Mode O'Day   
1988-1992 - Intro. by R. Crumb

Sassy / Bigfoot sketches
Memories Are Made of This (Weirdo # 22)
* Our Lovely Home [w/ Aline] (Weirdo # 23)
Gary's Jam (Weirdo # 24)
The Adventures of Wichita the Rat Dancer (Weirdo # 24)
I'm Grateful! I'm Grateful! (Weirdo # 25)
People…Ya Gotta Love 'Em! (Weirdo # 26)
Mode O'Day (Weirdo # 27)
Cave Wimp (Weirdo # 28)
Rotten to the Core jam (Zap # 12)
R. Crumb, 'The Old Outsider', Goes to the Academy Awards (Premier 4;8)
in color:
Ode to Harvey Kurtz
Weirdo front covers: Weirdo # 22 - # 27
Id front covers: Id #1 - # 3
Best Buy Comics (front cover)
Screw # 1076 & # 1176 (front covers)
Raw 2:3 (front cover)
R. Crumb Draws the Blues (front cover)
misc illustrations
misc illustrations
Bo Bo Bolinski Relaxing on a Saturday Afternoon (ID # 3) 
Helping the Amazon Put Her Pajamas On (Id # 2)
Don't Try To Be Witty or Clever (Id # 2)
I Wouldn't Kick Her Out of Bed
* also in Drawn Together

The quality rises again for this, the final volume. Cave Wimp is awesome. I'm Grateful! I'm Grateful! and R. Crumb Goes to the Academy Awards are great. The Mode O'Day strip is probably the best Mode strip. And People…Ya Gotta Love 'Em! is a Crumb classic.

Many of the misc. illustrations are also in Gotta Have 'Em or Odds & Ends. R. Crumb Goes to the Academy Awards also appears in HUP #4.

Guess what: they screwed up the Table of Contents again. On p. 120 they list Bikini Battle 3D back cover, but it's not in the book. On p. 120 is a drawing: I Wouldn't Kick Her Out of Bed, which is not listed.  
Here is the cover of Bikini Battle 3D, along with the 3D centerfold:

At the moment of this writing, the Fantagraphics website says this volume is SOLD OUT.

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