Monday, January 14, 2013

27. The Complete Crumb Comics Volume 10

Crumb Advocates Violent Overthrow    
1973-1975 - Intro. by Jesse Crumb

Morse's Funnies cover (Morse's Funnies)
Laughing Gas cover    
The Kansas City Art Institute jam (Promenthean Ent. # 5)
business card for Terry Zwigoff   
Cheap Suit Serenaders flyers   
* Let's Have a Little Talk [w/ Aline] (Dirty Laundry # 1)
* Aline 'n' Bob Funtime Funnies [w/ Aline]
(Dirty Laundry # 1)
* Turnabout's Fair Play [w/ Aline] (Dirty Laundry # 1)
The Red Hot Romances of Shlub Mugubb (Young Lust # 4)
Mr. Natural Meets The Kid (Zap # 7)
R. Crumb Presents R. Crumb
(Zap # 7)
Abracadabra jam (Zam) (w/ Vic Moscoso)
A Bug Story jam
(Zam) (w/ Vic Moscoso)
Felch Political Corner (Felch Comix)
Tricks Comics (Coyote Growls # 3)
Souvenir of the Carnage jam (Zap # 8)
What Gives?
(Zap # 8)
Avoid the Void  (Zap # 8)
in color:
Cheap Suit Serenaders album covers
misc album covers
* Dirty Laundry # 1 (front cover)
Zam (front & back covers)
Best of Bijou Funnies
Apex Treasury of Underground Comics (front & back covers)
Zap # 8 (front cover)
Arcade # 1-4 (front covers)
Big Ass Topics (Arcade # 1)
Let's Talk Sense About This Here Modern America
(Arcade # 2)
illustrations for Lenny Bruce article (Arcade # 2)
That's Life (Arcade # 3)
illustrations for C. Bukowski story (Arcade # 3)
Frosty the Snowman (Arcade # 4)
* also in Drawn Together

Well, you need [half of] this book. A large chunk of this one is taken up with the Dirty Laundry jam strips. But since we've already suggested you get ahold of Drawn Together, you really don't need them here.

Otherwise, there's still lots of great, essential Crumb stuff in this one. There are also one or two minor illustrations we have not listed here.

At the moment of this writing, the Fantagraphics website says a reprint of this volume is available to order, and for an extra $ 30 US "with Signed Bookplate Option".

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