Wednesday, January 23, 2013

53. R. Crumb Sketchbook Volume 10 (Fantagraphics)

June 1975 - February 1977 

the hardcover edition

The last volume in the series, and in some ways, the best. The hardcover edition is printed on glossy paper, which is nice. The whole thing seems like one complete unit, a real book unto itself, not "just" a sketchbook. By now Crumb is fully aware that his mere sketches, too, are indeed "art".

Mostly thick-line style in this one. Loads of actual cartoons and Crumb's written comments. Many pictures of Aline. Several of these pages end up in Gotta Have 'Em. Old-school and new-school Crumb girls together. There is some REALLY great stuff here.

At the moment of this writing, the Fantagraphics website says a reprint of this volume (hardcover or softcover) is available to order, and for an extra $ 30 US "with Signed Bookplate Option".

Although their current cover seems to be purple...

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