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22. The Complete Crumb Comics Volume 5

Happy Hippy Comix    
1967-1969 - Intro. by R. Crumb
The Old Pooperoo Pauses to Ponder (East Village Other)   
Ecks Ackley, the Kid's a Scream
(East Village Other) 
You're Gonna Get There Anyway
(East Village Other) 
Mr. Natural, The Man From Affiganistan
(East Village Other)
Sky-Hi Comics / Then on the Other Hand
(East Village Other)
Nuttin' But Nuttin' / Here She Comes! It's Hippy! (East Village Other)
Junior High & His Sidekick Judy Holiday (East Village Other)
Those Cute Little Bearzy Wearzies  (East Village Other)   
Schuman the Human
(East Village Other) 
Mr. Natural Meets God / Gail Snail / The Walkie Talkies
(East Village Other)
Mr. Natural Gets the Bum's Rush (East Village Other) 
Let's Be Honest
(East Village Other) 
Mr. Natural Repents
(East Village Other) 
Hey Mom! Let's Have Nigger Hearts For Lunch
(East Village Other)
Hamburger Hi-jinx (Zap # 2)
Angelfood McSpade
(Zap # 2)
Mr. Natural (Zap # 2)
Neato Keano time! (Bijou # 1)
The Big Little Boy
(Bijou # 1) 
Bo Bo Bolinski, He's a Clown
(Bijou # 1)  
Joey Tissue and the Dummies
(Bijou # 1)
Here They Are! Puppets of Your Favorite Cartoon Characters 
(Bijou # 1) 
All Asshole Comics (Chicago Seed)   
Nope no. 6   
Nope no. 7   
Zap Show jam
Fritz the Cat (title page)   
Fritz the No-Good (Cavalier)   
Snatch # 1   
The Adventures of Andy Hard-on (Snatch # 1)
Krude Kut-Ups
(Snatch # 1)
The Fight (Snatch # 1)
Janis Joplin: Original Cover For Cheap Thrills (record cover)
The Phonus Balonus Blues
(East Village Other)   
Where The Action Isn't
(East Village Other)  
Can The Mind Know It?
(East Village Other)    
Sleazy Snot Comics
(East Village Other)   
Angelfood McSpade / Cum Comics
(East Village Other)   
Mr. Natural...Talks to the Housewives of America (East Village Other)   
Edgar & Maryjane Crump
(East Village Other)  
Crime in the Streets
(East Village Other)
Zap # 3 (alternate cover)   
Dirty Dog (Zap # 3)
Mr. Goodbar Off His Rocker
(Zap # 3)
Atomics Comics jam (Zap # 3)
Let's Eat / Mr. Natural (Zap # 3)
Hairy (Zap # 3)
Street Corner Daze (Zap # 3)
Snatch #2   
Look Out Girls! The Grabbies Are Coming! (Snatch # 2)

Don't Gag On It.. Goof On it (Gothic Blimp Works # 1)  
Creem # 2 cover   
The Bleeding Heart Syndrome (Tales From the Ozone # 1)  
Shoo Shoo Baby / The Pricksters
(Gothic Blimp Works # 2)   
in color:

Head Comix (front & back covers)
Zap # 2 (front & back covers)
Fritz the Cat (front cover) 
Big Brother & The Holding Company: Cheap Thrills (album cover)
Snatch # 1 (front & back covers)
Snatch # 2 (front & back covers)
Flower Children on Broadway     
Nutsboy (Bogeyman # 2)
Mr. Know-It-All and his Pal Diz in What The Fuck   
Lenore Goldberg and Her Girl Commandos (Motor City # 1)
Inimitable Boingy Baxter
(Motor City # 1)   
Deep Meaning Comics
(Motor City # 1)
Eggs Ackley in Eyeballs Kicks (Motor City # 1)

And the rollercoaster ride continues! Another must-have volume. It's all fabulous. Lot's of old-school Crumb girls, lots of thick-line style. There's nothing more to say! Get it!

At the moment of this writing, the Fantagraphics website says: [Softcover Ed. - New Printing Summer 2013]

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