Sunday, January 13, 2013

20. The Complete Crumb Comics Volume 3

Starring Fritz the Cat
1960-1966 - Intro by Marty Pahls

Fritz the Cat, Ace Salesman   
Fritz Comes On Strong (Help! # 22)
* Harlem: A Sketchbook Report (Help! # 22)
Fred, The Teenage Girl Pigeon (Help! # 24)
Fritz Bugs Out   
The Silly Pigeons   
* Bulgaria: A Sketchbook Report (Help! # 25)
Fritz the Cat, Special Agent For the CIA   
The Silly Pigeons   
Fritz the Cat, Magician   
Guitar Models of the Future (Yell # 3)
The Road to Success (Topps promo booklet)
illustrations for Nostalgia Enterprises   
The Heap Years of the Auto   
The Small Small Businessman   
punchlines for color cards   
letters to Marty Pahls (Note)   
cards to Mike Britt   
Fritz Bugs Out! cover   
Agent For The CIA cover   
Roberta cover   
Selected Topps Monster Greeting Cards   
letters to Marty Pahls   
Fug # 1 cover   
Fritz the Cat   
Greeting Cards (American Greetings)
Gooseberry # 2 cover
* (also appeared in the book SKETCHBOOK REPORTS)   

Now we're really rolling along folks! We can now see where Crumb is going and sense where he may end up. Most of this volume is taken up by Fritz the Cat. And Fritz or not, most of it is great stuff! The ones in yellow are the ones we consider somewhat weaker.

At the moment of this writing, the Fantagraphics website says a reprint of this volume is AVAILABLE FOR PRE-ORDER.

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