Sunday, January 20, 2013

37 R. Crumb Biography 1

Okay folks, time to take a little side track. Until now, we have listed the publications that you need to get [close to] the complete artworks of Robert Crumb. 
But if you know Crumb's life story, you can appreciate his art on a another level entirely. Everyone knows that ol' R. drew a lot of autobiographical strips. But as it turns out, there are loads of autobiographical references buried all through his strips and pix.

Some people might not care. But we feel it is our duty to give you the opportunity to get maximum enjoyment from Crumb's work, and we find these little extras very interesting.

So what the best way to learn Crumb's story? 
We don't know. 
But we do know a good way, and this is it:

1. Check Crumb's official site:

2. Read the Introductions to all 17 volumes of The Complete Crumb Comics, in order. 
A lot of it is right there, folks. 
Intro's by Crumb himself, his good friend Marty Pahls, his son Jesse, his brother Maxon, his wife Aline, his friend Peter Bagge, and a mysterious person known only as "somebody". 

3. Check Crumb's Wikipedia entry:

To be continued...

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