Tuesday, January 15, 2013

30. The Complete Crumb Comics Volume 13

The Season of the Snoid    
1978-1981 - Intro. by Maxon Crumb

Treasure Island Days (Lemme Outta Here)   
A Short History of America (CoEv Quarterly # 23)
Bearzie Wearzies (CoEv Quarterly # 24)
Bop It Out (CoEv Quarterly # 25)
Adventures of Onionhead (CoEv Quarterly # 26)
Excerpt (Cleveland Magazine)
Me 'n' My Sweetie   
Tele Times cover
in color:
Bizarre Sex # 8 (front cover)
American Splendor # 5 (front & back covers)
Snoid Comics (front & back covers)
misc. record albums
Heroes of the Blues (Trading Cards )
This Cartooning is Tricky Business (Snoid Comics)
Snoid Goes Bohemian
(Snoid Comics)
How Snoids Are Born
(Snoid Comics)
One Foot in Heaven
(Snoid Comics)
Mr. Snoid Among His Fellow Humans
(Snoid Comics)
Freddy Visits For The Weekend (American Splendor # 5)
Vox Populi
(American Splendor # 5)
Me & Joe (High Times # 64)
Hospital Fun / Hospital Fun 2 (Village Voice #25)
My Troubles With Women (Zap # 10)
illustrations for Winds of Change # 1 - # 9
King of the Freaks (unpublished book cover)

In this volume we have a short but welcome return to the classic thick-line style for Bop It Out and Adventures of Onionhead. Although drawn in medium-line style, all of Snoid Comics is so great you will think it's in thick-line!

The rest is great too, of course, especially the Bizarre Sex # 8 cover. You get the whole Heroes of the Blues card set here as well. We didn't list the album covers because you've already got The Complete Record Cover Collection, right? And who could live without My Troubles With Women [Part 1]?

The Table of Contents lists a color cover set for American Splendor # 24, but actually it is # 5. 

 At the moment of this writing, the Fantagraphics website says a reprint of this volume is available to order, and for an extra $ 30 US "with Signed Bookplate Option".

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