Tuesday, January 22, 2013

42. Gotta Have 'Em

Gotta Have 'Em 
Portraits of Women by R. Crumb

Hardcover in a white, cardboard slipcase. (Our copy does not have a sticker on the slipcase). Graybull Press, 2002 (2003). First edition: 5000 copies, 100 of which in a box with a signed silkscreen print.

For completeness, you need this one. There is some overlap with other books, e.g. the Sketchbooks. However, there seem to be a lot of drawings to be found nowhere else.

Despite the title, we found this book a bit disappointing.
There are several nice drawings of Aline, and a few other really good ones. But a large percentage of the women Crumb chose to draw are just not that attractive. (And believe you me, the Crumbpendium team does not have the Barbie Syndrome, either!) These are new-school Crumb girls for the most part. And we here at the Crumbpendium are more partial to the old-old-school and old-school Crumb girls. Maybe you will like it.

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