Tuesday, January 15, 2013

29. The Complete Crumb Comics Volume 12

Working With People
(We're Livin' In The Lap O' Luxury)   
1976-1979 - Intro by somebody

A Fantasy (American Splendor # 1)
The Harvey Pekar Name Story
(American Splendor # 2)
Hustlin' Sides
(American Splendor # 2)
High Times Interviews R. Crumb (High Times # 27)
Space Day Symposium   
Four Arguments for the Elimination of Television   
The Goose and the Gander (CoEv Quarterly # 16)
The Nerds (CoEv Quarterly # 17)
Kansas City Frank Melrose in Pass The Jug 
(CoEv Quarterly # 18)
The Final Solution
(CoEv Quarterly # 20)
Robert Crumb's Modern Dance Workshop
(CoEv Quarterly # 20)
Those Little Bears We Love So Much
(CoEv Quarterly # 20)
Mr. Nostalgia
(CoEv Quarterly # 20)
Little Joe in Morbid Preoccupations
(CoEv Quarterly # 20)
Standing Behind Old Jewish Ladies in Supermarket Lines

  (American Splendor # 3)
Jack The Bellboy and Mr. Boats
(American Splendor # 3)
Mr. Lopes' Gift
(American Splendor # 3)
Rollins On Time
(American Splendor # 3)
Blue Goose & Yazoo Records Flyer   
Red Goose Flyer   
Lap o' Luxury (Zap # 9)
The Sky Is, in Fact, Falling jam   
Grim Grids (Mondo Snarfo)
in color:
Best Buy (front cover)

The Complete Fritz the Cat (front & back covers)
Checklist of Underground Comix (front & back covers)
Snatch Sampler (front cover)
Winds of Change 1:3 (front cover)
American Splendor # 4 (front cover)
Kiwi / Happy Hour Comics (Best Buy)
* Aline 'n' Bob Go to The Whole Earth Jamboree [w/ Aline] (Best Buy)
Mr. Appropriate 
(Winds of Change 1:3)
Maybe We'll End Like This (CoEv Quarterly # 21)
It's a Hup Ho World
(CoEv Quarterly # 21)
Professor Wanowksy on Welfare
(CoEv Quarterly # 21)
These Kids Today / Patricia Pig (CoEv Quarterly # 21)
Mr. Appropriate (Winds of Change 1:3)
Those Dharma Bums   
The Worry Worts   
Mr. Appropriate   
Visualize, Actualize, Realize
(American Splendor # 4)
The Young Crumb Story (American Splendor # 4)
How I Quit Collecting Records (American Splendor # 4)
Ridin' The Dog (American Splendor # 4)
Jack The Bellboy Meets Stewball (American Splendor # 4)
Walkin' an  Talkin' (American Splendor # 4)
Lunch With Carmella (American Splendor # 4)
The Kissinger Letter (American Splendor # 4)     
* (also in Drawn Together)

Well folks, that's the end of the thick-line style. Now we have the medium-line and thin-line Crumb styles. And the only old-school Crumb girl to be found is in the fabulous Lap o' Luxury (from whence the cover illustration). It's still all good stuff though, don't get us wrong. Also contains the classic Grim Grids.

Confusingly, the cover does not say "Working With People" on it. The Table of Contents erroneously lists a cover for American Splendor # 1 which is not in the color section at all.

In this volume we also see the beginning of the Harvey Pekar collaboration years.

At the moment of this writing, the Fantagraphics website says a reprint of this volume is available to order, and for an extra $ 30 US "with Signed Bookplate Option".


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