Sunday, February 10, 2013

72. Loose Crumb Art 1

So how are you going to find everything Crumb did after the Complete Crumb Comics? We don't know. Good Luck.
But here's some stuff we found on the Internet (we LOVE the first one here...):

The Dirty Joke Book
Compiled by Kathy & Shelly

Eden the Slum Goddess
(not in The Complete Comics)

71. Crumb Sketchbooks (Taschen) 2

Back in Post 11 we told you about the horribly expensive R. Crumb Sketchbooks (Taschen). We also told you we couldn't afford to buy them, thus we could tell you nothing about them.
However, here are some pix we found on the Internet (the first one is AWESOME):

So there you go.

70. Robert Crumb Drawing Styles

There are 4 or 5 basic styles of drawing used by Robert Crumb throughout his career. In addition to these basic styles, he has also done many drawings in other styles. But these are the basic ones, especially for comic strips:

 Crumb Styles Phase 1 and Phase 2

 Crumb Style Phase 2

Crumb Thick Line Style

Crumb Medium Line Style

Crumb Thin Line Style

You can see that the Thick Line and Medium Line Styles are pretty close to one another. It's all a bit subjective, but it's not just about the thickness of the lines -- it's about the whole style. Remember that!