Sunday, January 13, 2013

21. The Complete Crumb Comics Volume 4

Mister Sixties!    
1966-1967 - Intro. by R. Crumb

Sketchbook pages
Greeting Cards (American Greetings)
Where It's At (also in Sketchbook Vol. 2)   
Har Har Page   
Eggs Ackley, The American Boy Egg Dealer   
Yin & Yang, the Loveless   
Yin & Yang   
Snappy Bitts and Krazy Krax   
Mr. Natural Outwits Flakey Foont   
Mr. Natural Falls in Love   
Fritz the Cat / The Old Pooperoo   
Snappy Bitts and Krazy Kraks   
Mr. Natural's School of Wisdom   
True Lue Lou / Wiseguy Weasel   
Snappy Bitts and Krazy Krax   
in color:

Old Pooperoo, the Cosmic Shit Shoveler   
The Sad Book   
Let's Get Outa Here   
Head Comics (unused cover)
Zap # 0 cover  
Zap # 1 front & back covers
Those Cute Little Bearzy Wearzies   
Schuman the Human   
Eggs Ackley, The Kid Who Can't Be Beat   
Mr. Natural / Eggs Ackley   
Mr. Natural   
Edgar & Maryjane Crump   
Bob Dill / Snarkey Parker / Little Girl   
Joey Tissue and the Dummies   

Kozmik Kapers   
The Trip, Starring Novice Kosher (Yarrowstalks # 1)
Head Comix (Yarrowstalks # 2)
Yarrowstalks # 3 cover (Yarrowstalks # 3)
Head Comix (Yarrowstalks # 3)
The Hilarious Adventures of Shabno the Shoe-Horn Dog (Yarrowstalks # 3)
Mr. Natural Encounters Flakey Foont (Yarrowstalks # 3)
Itzy and Bitzy in Cause and Effect (Yarrowstalks # 3)
Mr. Natural / Big Freak Out on Detroit Avenue (Yarrowstalks # 3)
Life Among the Constipated (Yarrowstalks # 3)
It's Cosmic (Underground Review)
Stoned (Cavalier)
Edgar & Maryjane Crump (East Village Other)
Av 'n' Gar (East Village Other)
Kozmik Komix cover (unpublished)
Zap # 0 cover (unpublished)
ZAP # 0:
Mr. Sketchum Is At It Again
Mr. Natural in Death Valley
Ducks Yas Yas
Freak Out Funnies
City of the Future
Ol' Uncle Uh-Oh and His Garbage Truck
Help Build a Better America!
back cover Zap # 0
ZAP # 1:
back cover Zap # 1
Definitely a Case of Derangement!
I'm a Ding Dong Daddy
Abstract Impressionist Ultra Super Modernistic Comics
Kitchen Kut-Outs
Mr. Natural Visits the City
Keep On Truckin'…
Just Us Kids!!
Schuman the Human
back cover Zap # 1

And just like Crumb on the cover there, here is where your mind really gets BLOWN! This is where it starts revving up, like some kind of crazed acid trip (we have marked the "peak"  for you: it starts after the break in the list above with Kozmic Kapers). Include the color section in as well!

Yes folks, this is where Crumb REALLY cuts loose, and a few pages later is the beginning of his classic, thick-line style for which he became world famous. This is the volume containing the quintessential ZAP's # 0 & # 1.

This is the first volume of the series that you cannot live without!

At the moment of this writing, the Fantagraphics website says a reprint of this volume is AVAILABLE FOR PRE-ORDER.

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