Tuesday, January 15, 2013

32. The Complete Crumb Comics Volume 15

Featuring Mode O'Day and Her Pals   
1977-1984 - Intro. by Peter Bagge

* Arline 'n' Bob and That Thing in the Back Bedroom [w/ Aline]
(Weirdo # 9)
Mode O'Day and Her Pals
(Weirdo # 9)
Mode O'Day and Her Pals
(Weirdo # 10)
Goldilocks and the Three Bears
(Weirdo # 11)
Love's Like That!
(Weirdo # 11)
Mode O'Day and Her Pals
(Weirdo # 12)
Psychopathia Sexualis
(Weirdo # 13)
Where Has It Gone, All the Beautiful Music of Our Grandparents?

  (Weirdo # 14)
Life Certainly Is Existential (Weirdo # 15)
Comics From Other Planets Dept.
(Weirdo # 15)
(Weirdo # 15)
ad parody
(Weirdo # 15)
in color:
Weirdo front covers Weirdo # 9 - # 15
Weirdo back cover Weirdo # 15
misc.record album covers
Louie Bluie film poster
Bukowski covers
Texas Crude cover
Monkeywrench Gang cover
misc. pins
misc. minor drawings
Hypothetical Quandry (American Splendor # 9)
illustrations for Bukowski   
illustrations for Texas Crude
Jesus People USA
(Zap # 11)
Patton (Zap # 11)
* also in Drawn Together  

We here at the Crumbpendium have always been honest with you, and we will continue to do so. This is not our favorite volume of the series. Lots of medium-line and thin-line style stuff. It's good that the Mode O'Day strips are in the world, to show us what Crumb doesn't like in women, but truthfully they are unpleasant to look at. Gone are the old-school Crumb girls.

But don't worry, it's still Crumb so it's still pretty good, and to be sure there are some gems here: Life Certainly Is Existential, Comics From Other Planets Dept., Love's Like That!, Patton and Where Has It Gone, All the Beautiful Music of Our Grandparents?. And the Weirdo covers are always a joy to behold. 
(This volume really covers 1983-1984, but there are one or two older things included.)

At the moment of this writing, the Fantagraphics website says a reprint of this volume is available to order, and for an extra $ 30 US "with Signed Bookplate Option".

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