Thursday, January 24, 2013

64. HUP # 4

Last Gasp Eco-Funnies, 1992

R. Makes No Apologies! No Siree Bob!
Mr. Natural On The Banks of That Silver Stream
Can You Stand Alone and Face Up to The Universe?
Mr. Natural
R. Crumb "The Old Outsider" Goes to the Academy Awards
Mr. Natural in Distractions Distractions!!
You Can't Have Them All - Magnificent Specimens I Have Seen
letters to HUP
Mr. Natural & Flakey Foont in A Bitchin' Bod!
R. Crumb Dartboard (in color)

Hup. Yep. Hoo Ha. It's all goooood! A Bitchin' Bod features Devil Girl. ...Goes to the Academy Awards is also in The Complete Comics Vol. 17.

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