Saturday, November 24, 2012

3. The R. Crumb Sketchbooks (Fantagraphics)

The next thing on the list: 
The 10-volume R. CRUMB SKETCHBOOKS published by Fantagraphics Books.
The bad news: Most of them are out of print.
But yes, they're still out there, so look around on eBay and in comic book stores, and so on. 
One or two volumes are still in print as well.

They were issued as both hard- and softcover; for our purposes either is fine. They go from 1964 to 1977. 
(For the time being we are going to skip over the Taschen  and Zweitausendeins sets of sketchbooks and come back to them later).

If you are wondering: Do I really need Crumb's sketchbooks? The answer is: Yes, you do. They are a wealth of fabulous artwork, not just a bunch of sketchy bullpoop, so go for it!

Volume 2

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